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Action brake fluid and bleeder

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Putoline DOT 4 brake and air vent for one reduced price. Simply replace your brake and / or clutch fluid with this handy kit.

These high performance synthetic brake fluid with a high dry boiling point of 260 degrees. Contents of brake fluid PutolineDOT4 is 500ml.

The Bleed valve covers, 2 pieces of pipe and clamps. With this handy tool you avoid becoming the valve on your caliper should run consecutively and close.

With this tool, you can easily remove the air in your brake or clutch cable:

  • Remove the rubber cap from the bleed valve (make out the vent valve on your caliper clean if it is not on it)
  • Grease the valve down a bit with grease (so the wire onluchtingsventiel where it is screwed into the caliper).This can be done with a little copper grease. This prevents air hose can come back and thread caliper again.
  • Place the air vent on the valve
  • Turn the valve teeny loose (quarter turn around, this is normally possible with spanner 8mm, moreover, a key ring is better to use)
  • The other hand types are otherwise identical as you normally vented, except that you must always turn on and close the valve on the caliper.

Fits on the following motorcycles:

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by Patrick Vxx xxx xxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 03/01/2018
<p> The m-Unit Blue from MotoGadget Switchbox is a push-button controlled unit and at the same time fuse box with many additional functions. Almost all devices can be controlled with this m-Unit Blue. The size is the size of a pack of cigarettes (101 x 61 x 28 mm). The housing is protected against moisture, heat and vibrations. </p><p> The special thing about the m-Unit Blue is that it can be connected via BlueTooth to your Smartphone with the m-Ride app (for Android via Google Play and iPhone on iTunes). This allows you to easily adjust the setup, fault diagnosis if a fuse blows out, alarm setting etc. However the Smartphone can also be used for an encrypted Keyless Go. If you come around with your Smartphone, the unit is activated (however, nothing is visible from the outside).If you click once on the start button of your motorcycle, the power is switched on (as if you put the motorcycle on contact) and you press start again, the motorcycle is started. The power supply remains active even if your phone is no longer within reach. For restarting after switching off, the Smartphone is needed again. In addition, the app also provides insight into rice statistics. </p><p> The idea behind this switch box is that you can control large users with very thin wires by the relay function in the m-Unit Blue. This applies, for example, if you want the wiring to run through the wheel and then the chances are very small that you can do that with normal wire. You can then use very thin wires that can easily go through the wheel.</p><p> <strong>Has the following functions (digitally controlled):</strong> </p><ul><li> Total 11 outputs to switch components </li><li> Switching light (off, low beam and high beam with 1 button) </li><li> To replace the standard fuse box (old you can remove) </li><li> Flashing relay (power independent, so suitable for normal as well as LED indicator lights). Automatic shutdown is adjustable. </li><li> Integrated brake light modulator (to flash tail light during braking), </li><li> Integrated start relay. Switch smart control on and off when starting. </li><li> Relay for control of horn </li><li> AUX1 and AUX2 connection for connecting other components to your motor.</li><li> Simple shock alarm built-in </li><li> Possibility for &quot;Hazard warning light switching&quot; </li><li> Self-diagnosis of cabling (short circuit etc.) </li><li> Simple setup with 1 button </li></ul><p> With all these functions you no longer need additional relays, switches or fuse boxes. This allows you to keep your own cabling to a minimum. can be switched with very thin wires (this makes it easy to move the handlebars). </p><h2> Installation MotoGadget m-Unit Blue </h2><p> ATTENTION: knowledge of motor electronics is necessary for the installation of m-Unit Blue. It is a very comprehensive and handy unit, but do not underestimate the job. We have experience with the unit, so if you have any questions during the installation you can always contact us.</p>

Applied / used on: Kawasaki Z1000 bouwjaar 2004
by Marc Sxxxxxxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 12/28/2017
Super convenient set. Goes a lot faster.

Applied / used on: Honda VTR1000F bouwjaar 1999
by Geert Vxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 12/18/2017
Delivered quickly, bundle price seemed ok: not yet used, but should soon be used as venting and replacement of the brake fluid on my &quot;small&quot; CBR 125 of 2011 that has reached the age. And not everything that matures is therefore vintage and better;)
by Patrick Nxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 10/16/2017
Quickly received. Perfect and complete.
by Harrie Vxx xxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 07/19/2017
Braking fluid is fine but venting works only when fully filled with liquid ...
by Aldert Sxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 05/30/2017
Easy to use and simple

Applied / used on: Ducati M1000 Monster S4R bouwjaar niet aangegeven
by Rob Hxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 05/18/2017
Perfect system to easily refresh your braking system, plug your reservoir empty and fill it until it&#39;s clear. No hassle with air coming back into the system. I say top !!!

Applied / used on: Suzuki GSX-R750 bouwjaar 1999
by Peter Vxx xxx xxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 01/16/2017
I expected a terrugslagklepje but it&#39;s more like a resistor. Works ok. Slightly more eyes on the tank instead of the tube.
by Thomas Vxx xxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 01/16/2017
Device only works with short lines because it also exerts counterpressure. Worked on my ZX-6R 2005 so only at the rear. The front brake could not give enough pressure to overcome the pressure of the device and thus the brake fluid could not go through and I kept really hold much air in the pipes.
by Sander Nxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 12/25/2016
nice offer, provided some postal problems, yet quickly rectified!
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