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Action S100 Chain spray White and chaincleaner

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S100 chain spray and chain cleaner 1 offer price. Thoroughly clean your chain with the S100 Chain Cleaner and then lubricate the chain of your motorcycle with S100 Chain spray.

The cleaner is very simple: good chain spray and leave for about 15 minutes. In a highly polluted chain is recommended to the chain in good brushing with the S100 Chain Cleaner. With a brush After a quarter of a hard jet remove the dirt from the chain. Note: after injecting the chain with a good chain lubricant is necessary!

The great advantage of this S100-Chain spray is the very high pendulum resistance, it will be your wheel motor is limited to a minimum. FilthyThis is higher than with other brands rerenomeerde. It is not for nothing that this spray has already been declared in tests by the German magazine Motorrad. Consecutive years as the winner

This spray gives a white appearance when it is applied. This makes easy to see which part is ingesproeid. The white appearance disappears incidentally after the excess has evaporated.

Contents of the S100 Chain Spray 400ml is (the big bus so!).

Contents of the S100 Chain Cleaner is 300ml.

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by Frank Lxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 01/19/2018
Fast delivery top Very good stuff super
by W.M. Vxx xxxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 12/25/2017
Fast delivery. However, the order was mixed with the other products in the box. Small products underneath and a heavy battery on top. May also have come through the courier!
by Stefan Bxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 12/19/2017
very good
by Jim Gxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 10/28/2017
Just good, clear order procedure, good price / quality, fast and error-free delivery, what else do you want!
by Elbert Bxxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 08/19/2017
Ideal combination for optimal chain maintenance. As always, perfect delivery
by Brenda Cxxxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 08/11/2017
Easy and good to use when you have a paddock
by Timo Hxxxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 08/11/2017
One of the better chain sprayers and chain cleaners.
by Tjeu Bxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 08/09/2017
Works very well
by Harrie Vxx xxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 07/19/2017
Chain cleaner I use next time but the chain spray seems fine

Applied / used on: Honda VFR750F bouwjaar 1986
by C. Fxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 06/08/2017
Great products!
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