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Battery Kawasaki Z1000SX 2010-2017 YTX9-BS Yuasa

(ID: 5050694004483 / 521-2328Y)
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Battery is from the famous brand Yuasa, type YTX9-BS maintenance free for your Kawasaki Z1000SX (check year from the Z1000SX or select a year: below in the motorcycle-list). We supply this Yuasa battery with a unique 24 month service for possible defects (2 years) . It is a motor battery of very high quality and is specifically developed for specified model motorcycle (s). It is no coincidence that almost all motorcycle brands have this motorcycle battery as standard ex-factory in their motorcycle.

  • Dimensions of the Yuasa YTX9-BS: 152x88x107mm (LxWxH)
  • Capacity: 8Ah
  • CCA: 135
  • Battery acid: included (included), concerns a maintenance-free battery (no contal level battery acid required).
  • Identical names are YTX9B-BS, YTX9B-4

The battery has the longest service life under normal regular use.A motor battery may suffer damage if it is not used for a long time. Consider, for example, if your Kawasaki Z1000SX is put on winter storage for a few months. To keep the battery in a good condition, it is advisable to hang your motorcycle battery on the drupper charger or battery optimizer (see bottom of this page). If the battery is not maintained (check the voltage regularly and, if necessary, top up as stated in the package leaflet of the battery), the warranty on the battery will lapse. Hence the tip to use a trickle charger or optimzer that automatically does this for you.

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by Fresh & Style Exxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 05/17/2018
by Boonen Jxxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 05/12/2018
Fast, clean and fair price
by Peter Zxxxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 05/09/2018
He is also delivered Super fast delivered in the evening and delivered the next day! and I can again 5 years against it :)
by Cees Vxx xxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 04/17/2018
Applied / used on: Honda CB500 year range 2002
by M.J. Bxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 03/22/2018
by Marco Jxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 03/13/2018
Good price and delivered quickly.
by Cees Kxxxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 03/05/2018
Top, and very fast delivery great company!
by Johan Nxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 03/02/2018
<p> Oil filter key for original BMW oil filter with 76mm diameter and for HiFlo HF153, HF160, HF163, HF170 and HF175. This oil filter cap has a square, so you can easily loosen an oil filter from your motorcycle with a spanner or ratchet wrench. </p><p> Ratchet connection: 3/8 </p>

Applied / used on: Suzuki GSX750F bouwjaar niet aangegeven
by Patrick Vxx xxx xxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 03/01/2018
<p> The m-Unit Blue from MotoGadget Switchbox is a push-button controlled unit and at the same time fuse box with many additional functions. Almost all devices can be controlled with this m-Unit Blue. The size is the size of a pack of cigarettes (101 x 61 x 28 mm). The housing is protected against moisture, heat and vibrations. </p><p> The special thing about the m-Unit Blue is that it can be connected via BlueTooth to your Smartphone with the m-Ride app (for Android via Google Play and iPhone on iTunes). This allows you to easily adjust the setup, fault diagnosis if a fuse blows out, alarm setting etc. However the Smartphone can also be used for an encrypted Keyless Go. If you come around with your Smartphone, the unit is activated (however, nothing is visible from the outside).If you click once on the start button of your motorcycle, the power is switched on (as if you put the motorcycle on contact) and you press start again, the motorcycle is started. The power supply remains active even if your phone is no longer within reach. For restarting after switching off, the Smartphone is needed again. In addition, the app also provides insight into rice statistics. </p><p> The idea behind this switch box is that you can control large users with very thin wires by the relay function in the m-Unit Blue. This applies, for example, if you want the wiring to run through the wheel and then the chances are very small that you can do that with normal wire. You can then use very thin wires that can easily go through the wheel.</p><p> <strong>Has the following functions (digitally controlled):</strong> </p><ul><li> Total 11 outputs to switch components </li><li> Switching light (off, low beam and high beam with 1 button) </li><li> To replace the standard fuse box (old you can remove) </li><li> Flashing relay (power independent, so suitable for normal as well as LED indicator lights). Automatic shutdown is adjustable. </li><li> Integrated brake light modulator (to flash tail light during braking), </li><li> Integrated start relay. Switch smart control on and off when starting. </li><li> Relay for control of horn </li><li> AUX1 and AUX2 connection for connecting other components to your motor.</li><li> Simple shock alarm built-in </li><li> Possibility for &quot;Hazard warning light switching&quot; </li><li> Self-diagnosis of cabling (short circuit etc.) </li><li> Simple setup with 1 button </li></ul><p> With all these functions you no longer need additional relays, switches or fuse boxes. This allows you to keep your own cabling to a minimum. can be switched with very thin wires (this makes it easy to move the handlebars). </p><h2> Installation MotoGadget m-Unit Blue </h2><p> ATTENTION: knowledge of motor electronics is necessary for the installation of m-Unit Blue. It is a very comprehensive and handy unit, but do not underestimate the job. We have experience with the unit, so if you have any questions during the installation you can always contact us.</p>

Applied / used on: Kawasaki Z1000 bouwjaar 2004
by Theo Bxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 01/31/2018
<h2> DS-Abdeckungen Motorabdeckung </h2><p> Es gibt Situationen, in denen Sie Ihren Motor einen guten Schutz gegen natürliche Elemente wie regen braucht, Schnee, Staub, sondern auch Sonne. Dies kann eine Motorabdeckung von DS COVERS Ergebnis liefern. Durch den Einsatz tragen die besten Materialien und intelligente Funktionen Ärmel Motor DS-Abdeckung besser Ihren Motor zu schützen. </p><h2> Motorradabdeckung für draußen </h2><p> Wenn Sie regelmäßig parken vor dem Motor so viel von solchen regen, UV und Harz von den Bäumen zu ertragen hat. Für Ihren Motor vor gut hier zu schützen, ist eine Motorabdeckung von DS das Ergebnis abdeckt. Der Motor umfasst für den Außenbereich von DS Abdeckungen sind alle 100% wasserfest und UV-beständig. Hier sind die Abdeckungen ausgiebig getestet.Zusätzlich wird die Firma elastische Bund zusammen mit dem verstellbaren Riemen, die jede Motorabdeckung bei starkem Wind bleibt. Der DS COVERS Palette umfasst Motor für normale Motoren umfasst, Motoren mit Ober- und Seitenkoffern und dreirädrigen Roller (wie der Piaggio MP3). </p><div></div><div></div>

Applied / used on: Suzuki GSF650 Bandit bouwjaar 2011
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