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Sadlebags motorcycle of Givi

Sadlebags motorcycle with extra filtering on the brand Givi Read more ...

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Sadlebags motorcycle with extra filtering on the brand Givi


Givi is a manufacturer of motorcycle luggage, complete sets of luggage, loose top case and panniers to take simple luggage on your bike. Givi guarantees a high quality finish of motorcycle accessories at competitive prices. mPartz provides the whole range of Givi. In addition, the advantage of Givi that almost to get all the parts are also loose. This is particularly useful in case there is an unexpected part was allowed to defect or damage. If you can not find a product by Givi, please send us an email and we will make a suitable offer.

It is important to keep in mind that the delivery of the luggage of Givi sometimes 3 to 4 weeks can last since they are not always in stock at the importer.So order on time or inquire in advance to prevent the delivery time for any disappointments.

Givi helmets

Besides bags Givi also Givi motorcycle helmets in the range. The Givi helmets come in many shapes and colors, so every rider can choose a matching Givi. There are other system helmets, full-face helmets, jethelmen and crossover helmets available.

Givi top case

Givi is known for its wide range of luggage products that they provide and especially top cases. The Givi top cases are ideal in case you have to bring luggage on motorcycle holiday or weekend getaway. But for everyday use, a suitcase are ideal for your laptop or rainwear in to store for example.Also on location provides a top case comes to your helmet to store for example. The top case from Givi provide extra space for your luggage. Givi top cases, you can place the back of the motorcycle with an associated begagerek. All top boxes have a lock so the stuff always dry and can be safely stored.

Sadlebags motorcycle

With a saddlebag on your bike, you are very flexible to carry luggage on your bike. If necessary this place and if you are or just do not need on-site, you can easily remove them saddlebags.