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Motorcycle Cover

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Motorcycle cover

Motorcycle cover for high quality outside at a competitive price (best price / quality ratio that we have been able to find). This cover protects your precious motorcycle when it is outside in the rain, snow and other harsh weather conditions. However, the motorcycle cover also protects against the sun, so that your paint will eventually not weather. The top is made of nylon in blue (soft to protect the paint). The bottom of the motorcycle cover is made of polyester. The motorcycle cover ventilates well through built-in ventilation openings and prevents corrosion through a damp motor cover. This is often a big problem with other cheap motorcycle covers. Furthermore, the motorcycle cover is equipped with eyes, so that you can optionally secure the cover and secure it with a motor lock or padlock to prevent theft of the motorcycle cover.Thanks to the elastic bottom, the motor cover fits optimally on the underside and prevents unnecessary flapping on the underside. This will prevent damage to your motorcycle.

Tips motor cover:

You can best compare a motorcycle cover with a camp tent:

  • If your motorcycle is wet during the ride and you put the motorcycle cover over your motorcycle, your motorcycle will stay wet. Keep this in mind.
  • If it is damp or raining and you put a motorcycle cover over your warm motorcycle, a lot of condensation can occur. This is normal and this can be prevented by first allowing the motorcycle to cool down.
  • If the motorcycle cover is wet, do not fold it up, but hang it out to dry.Otherwise, there is a risk of mold formation.
  • Note: wait until the exhaust bends have cooled down a little or make sure that a motor cover can not touch them.

Indication motorcycle cover size:

Although it is a bit of work, it is advisable to measure your motorcycle. This not only prevents disappointment and you have to swap again, but a correct size also prevents unnecessary flapping of your motorcycle cover when it is blowing for example. A too large motorcycle cover is not good for that reason. The only thing that really matters is the length of your motorcycle. The length of the motorcycle cover is the first size in centimeters in the overview below:

Size S: 183 x 89 x 122cm
Size M: 203 x 89 x 122cm
Size L: 232 x 100 x 125cm
Size XL: 246 x 105 x 127cm
Size XXL: 287 x 143 x 112cm (for motorcycles with large cockpit and suitcase sets)

Motorcycle Cover is avaibable with the following options:

- Size: S, M (+3,49), L (+5,49), XL (+6,49), XXL (+8,49)

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by Manuel Cxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 05/08/2018
Delivery was faster than expected
by Michael Txxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 03/17/2018
good fast service
by R.E. Sxxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 02/27/2018
by Rob Txxxxxxxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 01/10/2018
fits, good quality, delivered quickly
by Jort Gxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 09/01/2017
Perfect motorcycle case, fast delivery, recommended!
by Miguel Angel Pxxxx xxxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 08/10/2017
Yes, I am satisfied
by Petra Dxxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 07/10/2017
Very satisfied.

Applied / used on: Honda NC750S bouwjaar 2016 - Maat: XL
by Saskia Kxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 06/08/2017
Good motorcycle cover, with hook at the bottom to close the motorcycle. Excellent value for money.
by Milja Vxx xxx xxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 05/18/2017
Prima hoes!

Applied / used on: Kawasaki Z750 bouwjaar niet aangegeven - Maat: L
by Derk Txxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 05/11/2017
Surprised by the quality / price ratio. Prima cough, and delivered quickly.
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