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Optimate 3 Batterycharger 12V 2-35Ah

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Optimate 3 battery charger

Always the convenience of a full battery and fast starting motorcycle with the Optimate 3 . The Tecmate Optimate 3 that we have on offer is the standard in the field of battery charger, trickle charger and battery conditioner for the motor or scooter. If you have doubts about which trickle charger to take, this is the best choice. Especially in price / performance this is a must. Keep your motorcycle battery in good condition with the Optimate 3, even if it is not used for a long time (eg in winter). It is both a battery charger and a battery conditioner. This means that for a longer period of time this charger can be continuously connected to the battery. This ensures that the battery remains in good (read: charged) condition.This trickle charger / conditioner can be used for 12 Volt batteries from 2 to 50 Ah and is suitable for all common motor batteries (AGM, MF and GEL) regardless of the brand (Yuasa, Varta, Bosch, QMP, Nitro, Exide, Landport etc.) . This Optimate 3 trickle charger is equipped with a SAE connection. Difference compared to the Optimate 2 is that this battery charger is equipped with special software that can also get a very weak battery back on track (extra is the so-called sulphation phase).

The Optimate comes with:

  • SAE-71 cable set for not having to work with battery clamps, etc. Easy to make a connector connection under the saddle. Direct access to the battery is therefore not necessary and you simply place this connetor somewhere under your seat.
  • Extra cord set SAE-74 with alligator clips to be able to connect to another battery.
  • Dutch manual

Specifications Optimate 3:

  • Fast delivery from stock
  • Suitable for batteries with a capacity of 2Ah to 50Ah (so all Yuasa and Nitro batteries on our webshop)
  • Suitable for connection to 220V with standard (Dutch) plug for the socket (on the picture is a different plug)
  • 3 year factory warranty (we use exchange guarantee, so no repairs, etc., but a new one immediately)
  • Equipped with the new SAE connectors
  • The battery charger is weatherproof plastic (moisture resistant).
  • At the top and bottom the housing is provided with hanging holes (extra bracket is not required).
  • Status is visible from the load capacity.
  • The quality and status of the battery is visible

If you want to use 2 or more motorcycles with the optimate, then it is advisable to take an extra cable SAE-71. Incidentally, the Optimate can not be connected to both motors at the same time.


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by Dave Vxx xxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 11/20/2017
Again a neat fast delivery, this time a trickle charger ordered for the winter months. I have the supplied cable mounted on the battery, after which I can easily reach it through the duo-seat. I find the instruction booklet somewhat unclear, but after connecting the charger to power just keep an eye on the LEDs on the charger and look up what these mean and then you get out. I only have one day on the charger so can not say anything about it myself. But the lights change color so this all seems to work fine. Another good experience with mpartz!

Applied / used on: Kawasaki Z800 bouwjaar niet aangegeven
by Ed Dx xxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 01/15/2018
Fast delivery. Great product. Got my bike back to work quickly.
by Rogier Wxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 01/15/2018
<p> Chain set DID for the _YMM_. It is a complete chain kit and contains a front sprocket, rear sprocket and a DID X-ring chain including clincher link. The gears in the chain set come standard with the same ratio as the original. </p><p> <b>Note:</b> we supply chain sets with JT Sprockets gears (sometimes Esjot if JT Sprockets is not readily available, but both are A-quality). These gears are harder and of better quality than many offered cheap chain sets. With such cheap sets you have a quality chain, but lesser quality gears (and therefore shorter life). Additional info: DID does not make gears itself. </p><p> The chain is available in metal color (gray) or a gold-plated chain.The choice of the color of the motorcycle chain can be indicated via the option. </p><p> Specifications: </p><ul><li> Chain: DID X-ring 530 VX with 108 links, color gray or gold (open chain with rivet link, always the latest variant DID chain) </li><li> Our chain set includes the corresponding link chain </li><li> Front sprocket: 15 </li><li> Rear sprocket: 47 </li></ul><p> Optionally, the chain set can also be ordered with a different gear ratio at extra cost. Then choose the option &quot;Implementation&quot; for &quot;Custom&quot; (gray) or &quot;Custom gold&quot; for a gold chain. Other possibilities for this chain set: </p><ul><li> Front sprocket: 14 - 15 - 16 - 7S </li><li> Rear sprocket: 38 - 39 - 40 - 41 - 42 - 43 - 45 - 46 - 47 - 48 </li></ul><p> When completing the order, enter the other gear ratio in the comment field with the shipping method.If a different gear ratio is chosen, it may be that the chain has to be shortened afterwards (chain is always long enough). <br><br> The picture is for illustration. </p>

Applied / used on: BMW K1200RS bouwjaar niet aangegeven
by M.F. Dx xxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 01/09/2018
Fast delivery. Have not tried the product yet but it looks user-friendly. Excellent service from MPartz.

Applied / used on: Suzuki GSF650 Bandit bouwjaar niet aangegeven
by M.F. Dx xxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 01/09/2018
Gute Batterie fr den Preis. Doch fr viele kann es ein Messing mit der Fllung der Batterie mit der Batteriesure sein.

Applied / used on: Suzuki GSF650 Bandit bouwjaar niet aangegeven
by Sylvie Vxx xxxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 01/05/2018
fast delivery around the holidays! Good trickle charger for my motorcycle. The long cables are very nice to hang on the wall.
by Joris Dxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 01/04/2018
Perfekter Tag spter alle nach Hause oben, um meine Jungen

Applied / used on: Honda NC700 bouwjaar 2012
by J Wxxxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 01/03/2018
Optimate works perfectly. SAE-71 cable set (after installation) is ideal for quickly connecting the Optimate to the battery. The user manual is defective on Youtube clear films are available. Delivery by mPartz was very fast despite Christmas days.

Applied / used on: Honda CBF600 bouwjaar 2004
by Hans Jxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 01/03/2018
Neat delivery good product

Applied / used on: Triumph Trophy 1200 bouwjaar 1997
by C Kxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 12/29/2017
Neat and delivered on time
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