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Delivery times and stocks

The stock of a product is displayed directly above the order button at the product-info page (if we do not have the product in stock the expected delivery time is displayed.

General products we usually have in stock and if ordered before 17:00 clock, then your order will be shipped the same day. Exclusive products or specific products for motorcycles we often do not have in stock. These products are usually in a short time available because we order directly from the supplier 2x per week. The delivery time is thereby short (3-7 days). The reason for this method are the low costs for us (and thus lower prices for the customer) and there is no danger that you receive an old product because we had it  long in stock. We want to provide our customers with the latest model and warranty etc.

If we have to order products, then these are often within a few days with us and then immediately be forwarded to the customer. There are exceptions. If the delivery time is longer than expected, for example if our suppliers, manufacturer or importer does not have the product in stock, you will always be informed about the expected delivery time. If it is taking too long for you, there is always the option to cancel the order and get your money back. We always try to ship your order as quickly as possible.

If you have questions about delivery times of products or an order, you can always send an e-mail to For questions about your order, please check in advance the mailbox "junk mail / spam", because sometimes our status messages is seen as junk mail.

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