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Tyre Repairkit for motorcycle Luxe

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Tyre repair kit for the motorcycle. Punctures can abruptly end your tour or motorcycle weekend. With this motorcycle tire repair kit, you can easily repair a hole in your tire and motorcycle tire you fill with CO2 cartridges. We have chosen a complete set with convenient packaging so that repair is easy to store under your buddy.

The repair motorcycle belt includes:

  • 1x opruw tool to roughen the hole, and to clean
  • 1x tool to make repair laces
  • 5x repair laces provide vulcanizing glue
  • 1x tube vulcanizing glue
  • 3x CO2 cartridges (sufficient to bring the belt tension, but always this then check the correct voltage for your motorcycle)
  • 1x relief valve
  • 1x cutting blade
  • 1x firmly handy pouch

Points of interest:

  • Advise is to take a small pliers to possibly remove a nail or screw (usually this is in your repair kit of the motorcycle).
  • The repair is an emergency repair. For a final repair is recommended that the motor band still let expertly repaired.

Tip: Create a shortcut on your smartphone to the YouTube clip, so you can view it as the go roadside. Is just as convenient (maybe even easier) than to read the instruction.

Please note that the video is an illustration.

Instruction is simple to use:

  • Remove the nail / screw if it is still in the motorcycle tire (for example, a rod out of your tool set)..
  • Rough in the hole with the tool (type stick) that is included (without end). Pull it several times up and down, so there is a good hole in the motorcycle belt.
  • Take one lace from the package (very sticky and provided additional vulcanizing material, further non-hazardous)
  • Bring some extra vulcanizing glue on the shoelace
  • Put it in the eye of the 2nd piece of equipment. Make sure the laces on both sides protrudes equally far.
  • Press the lace with the tool by the band. Make sure both ends are 1 to 2 cm.
  • Move equally with the tool up and down and pull the tool back to get the lace from the eye.This needs to feel as it is not visible. Note that it can be pulled back relatively simple (not that you pull out the lace again).
  • Cut the ends of the lace (which is 1 to 2 cm) off. It also does not matter if your shoelace still protrudes a few mm (wear itself out and you have no further hindered by).
  • Place the tube on your valve and possibly remove the inner part of the tube (for motorcycle tires you have that are not necessary).
  • Turn on the other side of the cartridge case with the yellow without hesitation on it. Note that you have one packed with the cover there since the pattern is very cold. Place the cover to the 2nd pattern and then twist on it.
  • Your rear tire is now ready for use.Please note that it is an emergency repair and a good repair or replacement of the band is to advise at a later stage.

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by Guido Jxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 07/19/2016
Unfortunately I had the necessary set last week. Thick screw in my (almost) new rear tire. All instructions followed and the result was fantastic. Band is back ready and 100% airtight. Very, very good product and a must for all motorcyclists to have this set under the seat.
by Leon Pxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 05/25/2018
Delivered quickly and correctly
by Wim Hxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 02/23/2018
Artikel bestellt war in Ordnung trotzdem danke mvg gery Malfait

Applied / used on: BMW R1150R bouwjaar 2002
by Mario Hxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 10/30/2017
Neat and timely product meets expectations
by Koert Dx xxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 08/05/2017
Just well arranged
by D.R. Axxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 07/06/2017
The quality of the goods delivered is good and the delivery time was short.
by M.G.A. Fxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 07/05/2017
Smooth delivery

Applied / used on: BMW K75 bouwjaar 1996
by Michel Vxx xxxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 07/05/2017
Articles received promptly and quickly.
by PJG Sxxxxxxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 07/05/2017
Not used yet will certainly work well
by Peter Mxx (automatically translated from Dutch) 06/08/2017
You just have to have with you
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